Gilles Duval

Gilles Duval joined the Compagnie des Parcs group in december 2016, as a Senior Accountant. In close relationship with Annick Rouxel and Patrick Haag, he is in charge of the daily accounting, tax, and treasury management of the group companies. Gilles has 12 years accounting experience in real estate funds. He has held various positions […]

Véronique Drancourt

Véronique Drancourt joined the Compagnie des Parcs group in May 2012 as a senior accountant. Within the group, and with the Administrative Director and the Accounting and Tax Manager, she is in charge of the accounting management and the preparation of the annual accounts of the group companies. After worked as a Real Estate Agent […]

Tatiana Sukhareva

Tatiana Sukhareva joined the group Compagnie des Parcs in December 2018 as administrative and accounting assistant. Within the group she is in charge of administrative and accounting file management. Prior to joining the group, in Luxembourg Tatiana has worked for more than five years in a Lawyer’s office as Legal Secretary. Tatiana graduated from the […]