Véronique Drancourt
Comptable Senior
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Véronique Drancourt joined the Compagnie des Parcs group in May 2012 as a senior accountant.

Within the group, and with the Administrative Director and the Accounting and Tax Manager, she is in charge of the accounting management and the preparation of the annual accounts of the group companies.

After worked as a Real Estate Agent in Moselle, Véronique continued her professional experience in Accounting firms in Thionville and Metz for 8 years as an accountant and group leader. She then worked in Luxembourg in trustees, law firms and at AXA Real Estate.

She hold in France from the University of Orléans with a Master’s degree in Economic and Social Administration in 1992, and from the University of Luxembourg with the Complementary Certificate of Expertise Comptable Luxembourg in 2011.


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