Over the last two years, our group has affirmed its ability to drive complex transactions from start to finish, whether large-scale developments or asset disposals.

The most emblematic of our current developments is undoubtedly the Atrium Park project. This site of four multifunctional buildings, representing a net area of more than 28’500 sqm, is located in Meyrin by the CFF train station, in a booming neighbourhood already hosting Richemont’s clockmaking campus and numerous headquarters (Firmenich, HP, etc.). It will be completed during the first half of 2020, and will offer its tenants, as well as users of nearby buildings, services to enhance their daily life (hotel, restaurants, supermarket, gym, hairdresser). It should, we hope, strongly boost the neighbourhood.

Our development strategy remains opportunistic – we identify plots of land or buildings to restructure, ensuring their connection to existing transport systems, and start working with our future tenants early in the project life to design optimised projects that meet their expectations. 

In Chavannes-près-Renens, on a brownfield site acquired in 2007 close to EPFL, we worked on a development project over several years in collaboration with the municipality. We are about to launch the construction of an intergenerational and multifunctional project of more than 16’250 sqm that will include a hotel, senior care, student housing and shops. 

In Meyrin, 5 minutes away from Geneva airport and along the tram tracks, we will complete by the end of 2019 the new production site of a watch group, developed in collaboration with them. In this 15’000 sqm building, we fully integrated their concern for architectural excellence and important technical constraints, while preserving the necessary flexibility to guarantee its long-term sustainability.

Since our objective is to allocate our resources to the complex stages of the life cycle of a building (i.e. construction, rental), we have an open arbitrary policy for our assets upon completion, market conditions permitting. In this respect, we completed two disposals in 2017, including a mixed-use project in Gland, the result of a 10-year redevelopment project. The latter was carried out as a share-deal transaction; this was a first conclusive experience for our group, which we will be looking to replicate in the future.

Our ability to drive large-scale real estate projects is the result of a close collaboration with all of our business partners:

  • with our tenants: we strive to adapt to their needs by designing spaces that meet their requirements and financial constraints;
  • with our public partners: thanks to the constructive and permanent dialogue we have with them, we design real estate projects contributing to the urbanistic transformation of the cities;
  • with our architectural partners: they help us anticipate future trends in innovation and sustainability;
  • with our financial partners: we have gained their trust throughout our projects and now benefit from competitive terms.

Drawing upon those experiences, our team is already mobilized on new developments in French-speaking Switzerland.

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Sylvain Pelletier

Managing Director


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